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CNG Conversion    

(RTO) Govt. Approved Retro FIttment Center

CNG Convertion for 4 wheeler

A CNG retrofitment center is a facility or workshop that specializes in converting conventional petrol vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to traditional fossil fuels, making it an attractive option for reducing vehicle emissions and lowering overall cost per kilometer.

This retrofitment process typically involves installing a CNG kit in the vehicle, which includes a CNG cylinder for storing compressed natural gas and associated components such as regulators, valves, and fuel lines. This conversion allows the vehicle to use both petrol and CNG as fuel sources.

Services provided by a CNG retro fitment center may include:

  1. CNG Conversion: Converting vehicles to CNG-compatible systems.

  2. Installation and Calibration: Proper installation and calibration of CNG kits to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  3. Maintenance and Repairs: Providing maintenance, servicing, and repairs for CNG systems to ensure their proper functioning.

  4. Consultation and Advice: Offering guidance and advice on the benefits, costs, and maintenance of CNG systems.

  5. Compliance with Regulations: Ensuring that the converted vehicles comply with local and national regulations regarding emissions and safety standards.

It's important to choose a reputable and certified CNG retrofitting center to ensure that the conversion is done safely and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, proper maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of CNG-converted vehicles.

Why to Convert to CNG

Converting a vehicle to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a cost-effective choice due to its favorable pricing compared to traditional fuels. CNG is often more affordable, leading to significant savings on fuel expenses. Additionally, CNG combustion tends to be cleaner and more efficient, enhancing mileage and reducing overall running costs. This dual benefit of cost savings and improved mileage makes CNG conversion an attractive option for budget-conscious and environmentally conscious vehicle owners

What We Offer


Open Loop System contains advanced timing Sensor / Emulator MPFI. The system is pretty basic and it needs regular adjustments if you need the best performance out of it. You will also need to check the Engine lamp due to the Lamda error. Open loop systems don't calculate Lambda 02 reading but keep the gas flowing according to the requirements.
Open KIt
seq cng

Available for 3,4,6 & 8 Cylinder engines. CNG Sequential Kits - the latest technology product that gives performance at par with petrol cars. Instead of a GAS-AIR mixer as used in Conventional Kits, the Sequential Kit is equipped with GAS Injectors similar to Petrol injectors to Inject calculated amounts of GAS into the engine


Direct Injection Kit is designed for 3,4,6 and 8-cylinder engines. Support All Direct Injection Engines Like.

T-GDI / FSI /EcoBoost / TSI .etc

The Direct Injection CNG Kits allow to add of a maximum of 20% to 30% Gasoline with natural gas for certain cars. It has minimum amount of gasoline to add with a range of 2-3%. It is available with Single stage reducer, adapted to support all engines with direct fuel injection.

seq Kit
Cng Kit
cng spares
CNG Spares :
All CNG Spares of  3 and 4-wheelers

CNG sparea
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